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About Buccillis

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A Foundational Piece of History

Buccilli's Cake and Pizza has been an integral part of the town of Almont, MI for many years. Opened in 1981 by Gary and Connie Vettraino, this family-owned restaurant has been serving the community with their delicious cakes and pizzas for more than four decades. Over the years, it has become a beloved institution in the town, attracting locals and visitors alike with its warm atmosphere and friendly service.

Buccilli's Cakes and Pizza has become the heart of the town through our a strong sense of community. Buccilli's is involved in various local events and fundraisers, and it often sponsors sports teams and other community organizations. Buccilli's welcoming atmosphere makes everyone feel at home. It is a place where people come to enjoy amazing takeout and delicious dessert, becoming a symbol of the town's identity and community spirit.

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